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everything you wanted to know about 'consciously inclusive hiring' but were too afraid to ask!



Miles Lloyd, Founder of NorthStar People
Miles' experience lends itself to working with recruitment leaders and business owners to work on their businesses and personally to be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. His expertise very much has a focus on; Company Strategy & Planning, Organisational Performance & Capability, Business Development & Growth and Leadership coaching & mentoring either in isolation or often as part of successfully navigating organisations through significant transformational change. Miles has worked in Recruitment, Staffing & Talent since 1998 whilst providing RPO Solutions, Sales and Product Development since 2003. In 2004 Miles began his role as a Recruitment Business Adviser and from 2015 became a Non-Exec Director, Leadership Coach & Mentor. He has delivered Projects to over 60 clients working on Deal Structuring; Funding, MBO, M&A and trade sale experience since 2012. Group CEO, CCO & CSO experience in the Recruitment Agency, Invoice Finance, Bill & pay back office, intermediary/Umbrella, practice/psc accountancy and talent tech experience.

Join Miles Lloyd, founder of NorthStar People for a webinar as he delves into the principles and practices of inclusive hiring. Words are cheap and, in the DEI, ‘talent acquisition’ space, there is a lot of lip service and tokenism, but nothing is really changing. So, let's cut the BS and get straight to the heart of it.

  • Why do organisations need to be inclusive when hiring, especially in leadership
  • The impact that has on business performance
  • What best practice looks like when hiring with a DEI led approach

The webinar will be very much an open book knowledge sharing session focussed on enabling delegates to 'get it' when it comes to what inclusive hiring best practice looks like. We are going beyond the narrative here, and will look at processes & technology, share with you hints & tips on what you can do to make change happen. Importantly we will set out and evidence the 5 significant impacts of anonymising and de-biasing recruitment process.


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