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Recruitment outsourcing technology

use our technology to win more retained (RPO) business.

We can help you secure long term contracts
with key clients in your sector. 🔥

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Using hireful RPS could be a game changer for your recruitment business.

Simon Bliss

Chairman, TEAM

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stand apart from the competition.

By offering a broader range of recruitment services, including retained/RPO services, your business will be able to:

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the market

Position yourself as a leader in your sector

Engage and win more clients

our technology helps streamline recruitment.
here are our latest monthly stats.

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with hireful
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with hireful
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using hireful
using hireful

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increase revenue.

Secure more longer term revenue from your best clients by embedding your service within their business. 👌

Offer a more comprehensive recruitment service
Convert your best clients to longterm contracts
Deliver more revenue from your key clients

Working with hireful isn’t just about adding revenue to our business, but working with a trusted product we believe in.

Laura Pennington

MD, Mash Group

multiply your agency’s  value.

If you have ambitions to exit your business, then moving to a model that includes technology, an improved brand and long term contracts/revenue will boost your exit value.  ⚡

Have an engaging story to tell potential purchasers
More revenue/clients secured to long term contracts
Exit your business with a stronger multiple

Utilising tech to add value and provide profitable scalability is hugely attractive to prospective acquisitors.

Miles Lloyd

Founder, Milestones

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